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New Partner Strengthens the Commercial Property Group of Trethowans Solicitors

Trethowans Solicitors in Southampton and Salisbury has bolstered its Commercial Property Group with the hire of well known Southampton based Commercial Property lawyer, Paul Longman as a Partner.

Paul is a highly experienced commercial property solicitor who qualified in 2001 and most recently was with Coffin Mew in their Southampton office.

Paul has a range of experience in commercial property including dealing with the usual sale, purchase and letting of different commercial properties, dealing with conditional contracts, options, mixed use development schemes, multi-let investment properties and substantial secured lending transactions. In addition he has specialist expertise acting on insolvency property matters including LPA Receiverships.

Paul is very well known and proactive in the Southampton business community and has organised and presented seminars, written articles on property topics and co-ordinated updates to clients and referrers.

Paul joins the experienced Commercial Property Group at Trethowans and will be based in the Southampton office.

Commenting on his arrival, Paul said, -As someone who has been working proactively in the Southampton property arena for many years I am looking forward to becoming part of the strong property group at Trethowans. Trethowans has a very good reputation for handling significant commercial property transactions so I am really excited to become part of such a successful Group and Firm.-

Garry Treagust, Partner and Head of the Commercial Property Group at Trethowans commented, “We are delighted to have attracted Paul Longman to Trethowans from Coffin Mew. Our policy is to employ only the best lawyers in the market. Our recent recruitment of Paul is a great example of this. Paul’s local profile and drive to succeed will certainly help one of the region’s largest Commercial Property Groups to continue to outperform in a challenging property market”.

Strategies On Selling Your House Quickly

When you’re considering selling your home, there are certainly a number of steps you have to do first to be able to get it ready for viewing. Besides recent economic difficulties, the number one cause why homes take a very long time to sell is because the potential buyers can’t see themselves living in that space. There are many tricks of the trade that can improve a home’s visual appeal, yet there are also several other things which the seller can do to get their house sold fast. The following is a short summary of exactly what sellers must be doing to sell their property in the current competitive market.

The most important thing you can do is disconnect yourself from the feelings you put in making this house your home. Even though it might be hard to do that, selling your house for a very good price is the most important consideration. In order to take yourself out of the house, you should make it anonymous to customers. This means giving up your forest green walls and wedding pictures for natural tones and more impersonal art. Next you must (we reiterate, must) eliminate all mess and keep the house clean. Now, that is actually easier said than done, because many people actually live in the home even while attempting to sell it. When cleaning up and de-cluttering, it is very important not to overlook the yard spaces and garages as well. Whatever you do, whether it is hiding items under a bed, removing fallen trees, or packing early, you have to make sure that your home is presentable. After all, potential customers are judging every property in comparison with the others.

House upgrades to the most vital rooms in the home, like the bathrooms and the kitchen, are guaranteed big money makers. If it’s not in your budget to do these improvements, you might need to consider allocating some allowances for price negotiation concerning these spaces in your contract. Beyond the physical looks, key issues to the home, like a leaky roof or an awful furnace, need to be fixed before selling. Once again, if they cannot be, then you will have to divulge these issues immediately and leave room for them at the negotiation table.

Listing your home with the right agent is also something that directly affects how fast you will sell your house. Trustworthy real estate agencies like Remax and Keller Williams have extensive marketing programs where they publish listings for your home. These listings create leads for your property. It’s your realtor’s responsibility to market your house honestly and to the suitable demographic. For instance, if you have a small condominium for sale in Louisville, Colorado, it could be wise to try to sell your home to new families or working professionals. Your realtor should be able to suggest things like staging the second bedroom as a nursery or an office/guestroom.

What You Should Consider Before Renting A Warehouse

If you own a business that requires extensive storage facilities, it will be necessary for you to search for a warehouse. Leasing or renting a suitable building can provide an effective solution to your space problems. If you want to find the right type of commercial property, there are a number of factors that you have to keep in mind.

You have to decide whether to lease or to rent warehouse space. A rental agreement should satisfy your needs if you just need the space for a few months. This should provide you with the flexibility that you need. If you will be using the property for many years, it is better to look for a place that you can lease.

The location of the property is another crucial consideration. If it is close to your premises, your transportation costs will be lower. Other factors that will affect accessibility must also be put into consideration. The proximity of the building to major roads, seaports or airports has to be considered.

Make sure the property that you choose has enough space for the goods that you plan to store there. The size should be chosen according to the nature and number of items that you want to store. You should also make provision for the growth of your business in the immediate feature. This will make it unnecessary for you to relocate to another place when your needs increase.

You have to investigate the security of the facility carefully. The best storage facilities are those that are equipped with secure doors, loading docks, fire alarms, video cameras and other necessary security features. Some will also provide 24-hour security patrol as an extra security measure.

The cost of the lease or rent is also important. It is necessary to compare the cost of renting different facilities before settling for the most suitable. You can really save a substantial amount of money if you take some time to compare different facilities. You should however know that depots that are very cheap may not give you quality service.

The type of utilities that are available at the San Francisco warehouse should be considered. Climate control will be an issue if you have goods that have to be kept at particular temperatures. For instance, fine textiles or sensitive electronic components should not be exposed to temperature extremes. This makes it necessary to find out the type of air conditioning and heating systems that are available.

Tips To Organize An Open House For Your Tulsa Real Estate

If you own a home, Tulsa, OK and you plan to sell it by holding an open house, then there are many steps that you can take to make it very appealing to prospective buyers, who will offer a lucrative price right then and there. Here are some tips to make it successful for the house for sale Tulsa OK.

Always bank on the Internet for an advertisement. Promote your open house online. There are newspapers and other vehicles of advertisement but they are not popular for real estate transactions. Moreover they are expensive. Use the social networking sites like Facebook and other real estate websites like MySpace, Craigslist to reach out to a wide audience. Besides this, you can put up signs in your locality and around the town. Direct signs are one of the successful methods of advertising even today.

Make a welcome gesture to your audience. To do this, you start by arranging proper parking facility. Remove all you cars and vehicles from the parking lot, and make space for the guests. Ask your neighbors and friends not to create congestions by parking near your house. This will create an ample space for people who want to see your home for sale Tulsa, Ok.

Put on the lights so that the visitors can have a look at every nook and cranny of the house. Besides this open up the windows, remove the curtains and drapes and let enough sunlight come in. This will give the buyer an understanding that the house gets enough fresh air and light. Also clean up the house right from cellar to the attic. Make sure that your house looks the very best. Make all the needed repairs. Get the house painted in suitable color. Trim the bushes, mow the lawns. These factors are essential to make the house saleable. If you are too busy to do them yourself, take the help of professional services. A dirty house will never be inviting to buyers.
An arrangement of lunch will also be very useful. People love food. But dont make yourself busy by preparing a heavy lunch. Arrange a light lunch and present it beautifully. If you feel that you are too busy for it, you can take the professional help of a caterer. Hiring a caterer will be expensive, but it is worth as it will let you attend to other things. But ensure that there the items are simple but delicious, that will fill the house with a warm smell and invite the visitors too.
You can also create a slideshow on your laptop with pictures of the landscape around the house. You can add information about the amenities of schools, hospitals, shopping malls, railway stations and airports that are situated near your house for sale Tulsa OK. This is an effective way to showcase the garden and landscaping if you are trying to sell the Tulsa real estate in a time when flowers are not in bloom. Neither the lush green vegetation can be seen around.

The Bank Of Montreal Is Claiming Mortgage Fraud

The Bank of Montreal estimates it may lose as much as $30 million on a mortgage scheme that involved some of its own employees. The bank is suing a few hundred people including four of its own employees, along with mortgage brokers and, so far, seventeen lawyers in what they allege is one of the largest cases of mortgage fraud in Canadian history.

The Bank of Montreal says its securities department first noticed irregularities in several of their Western Canada mortgages back in 2006. This prompted the bank to hire a forensic accounting firm who spent the next year digging through the details to uncover what was really going on.

The forensic accounting firm realized a rather sophisticated scheme where scammers would chose the worst house in a preferred, established neighbourhood. They would then convince the bank the house was worth much more than it really was due to it’s location, and being as banks rely on software programs to determine house values, the banks would concur. The scammers would then purchase the house and pocket the difference.

To qualify for the mortgages, these scammers were paying unsuspecting people, generally new immigrants $2,000 to $8,000 for the use of their name on the mortgage. Lawyers would then step in and draw up fake documents of earnings, often showing inflated wages and high net incomes to ensure the immigrants would qualify for the mortgages. The legal documents filed by the bank shows the fraud scheme was operated by 14 inter-connected groups that generated approximately $140 million of which $70 million was in fake mortgages.

The Bank of Montreal’s documents also showed that millions of the fraudulent money was sent to countries such as India, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. They also noted that in one instance alone, a home in Calgary that was bought for $900,000 was sold three years later for $2.3 million, netting the scammers a whopping $1.4 million.

A Calgary based management company had documents unravelled by the Bank of Montreal investigators showing 150 suspected counts of mortgage fraud within 16 different financial institutions. The investigators felt this was a clear sign of how inefficient the controls are in the banking system. If you have been the victim of fraud and have had your finances affected because of it, you might want to consider a consolidation loan. If your credit rating has been affected, you still have options to repair your credit and consolidate debts. A car title loan may help get your credit and your finances back on track.

What are the Responsibilities of a Real Estate Attorney

Real estate lawyers deal with legal issues regarding residential and
commercial real estate, neighbors and tenants, leasing, and private
property ownership. They will have the knowledge of zoning laws,
restrictions, covenants and value estimates and offer sound legal advice
about transfer of real estate property, including purchase and sale.

Outlined below are the primary responsibilities of an experienced and skilled Scottsdale real estate agent:

Document Drafting

One of the major responsibilities of a real estate attorney is drafting
legal documents. They will prepare and review purchase and sale
agreements, financing agreements, rental agreements, leases and
conveyance transactions. Although some states law allow agents to assist
clients in filling out such documents, in most cases only a licensed
attorney can prepare and revise them.


Since real estate attorneys have vast experience in handling various
real estate transactions, clients might often ask their attorneys to
negotiate or discuss the terms and conditions of real estate deals with
other concerned parties. This involves meeting and working with other
attorneys, brokers, investors and developers.

Transaction Review

Some real estate attorneys might only offer their services only for
reviewing the transactions and giving legal advice – they are not
involved in the preparation of any legal documents. The client will be
responsible for negotiating the deal on their own and signing the
contract and then he may contact the attorney for “due diligence”. This
means that the attorney will examine any documents and contracts
involved in the transaction, including legal title issues, environment
issues or reports. The experience of real estate attorneys enables them
to identify any loop holes or flaws in the contract which the client
might overlook.


Real estate
transactions do not always workout as planned and may end up in a
lawsuit being filed. In this case, a real estate attorney will represent
his/her client during the real estate litigation. This will involve
drafting and filing legal pleadings, attending hearings and trials, and
filing appeals if need arises. It might also involve striking a bargain
with the opposing counsel and trying to work out a settlement agreement.


Some real estate attorneys
might concentrate on cases involving mortgage and trust deed
foreclosure, representing either the lender or borrower. Those who
represent lenders will guide them through the foreclosure process and
help them file a lawsuit in court. On the other hand, the attorneys who
help the borrower will try to spot loopholes in the foreclosure process
or negotiate with the lender to agree for a settlement agreement.

Other than these major responsibilities, a good Phoenix realtor will
handle every case with extreme prudence and work in the best interest of
his /her client.

Soundproofing Apartment And Condominium Complexes

With the cost of living rising, many potential homeowners are seriously considering condos and apartments as an investment for their future. I have personally lived in a condo for over 10 years. Condo and apartment living can be very rewarding and can make you feel very secure, but these units can also become a nightmare especially if you live in a lower unit and are forced to tolerate the noisy walking from the neighbors above. When contractors build these units, soundproofing is probably not their top priority, but it should be. There is nothing worse than to spend your life savings on a home only to find out that you are unable to sleep due to the constant walking noise from the people above. I have had customers tell me that they feel as though their upstairs neighbors are right in their bedrooms as they hear the intense thumping and impact from the floors above.

Many times condo and apartment owners take it upon themselves to put in a wood or tile floor in an upper unit and fail to put down the proper soundproofing beneath their new floors. This has been the focus of many lawsuits between neighbors and makes condo life an absolute horror for the people living in lower units. Before installing any new flooring in a condo or apartment, check with your condo association and find out what the guidelines in the CC& Rs are for the installation of such a floor.

Contractors need to contact a soundproofing professional during the planning stages of any multi family dwelling. A soundproofing expert can suggest products that will dramatically reduce the impact as well as airborne noise from upper units. Adding these materials during the construction phase protects both the contractor and the potential buyers of these units. Products such as recycled rubber tiles can reduce impact noise transmission by up to 75. The addition of the proper soundproof floor underlayment can make all the difference in the world to a person living in a lower unit. The additional expense for these material is money well spent and can save the contractor many headaches and many lawsuits down the line.

Soundproofing companies such as Soundproofing America, Inc, Soundaway Corporation and Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. can provide contractors with effective soundproofing solutions for any multi family application.

Finally, before purchasing a condo or apartment, check out the floor construction and make sure that a soundproof floor underlay has been installed under any hard surface floor that has been installed in the unit above you. This can save you a lot of time and expense and will keep you from making a bad mistake that can take you literally years to rectify. Thanks for reading. This is Dr. BobOut!!

Luxury Homes For Sale In West Point Grey Vancouver

Housing options in West Point Grey run a full gamut, from new luxury homes to stately old style mansions for the wealthy and the ultimate in modern luxury condominium developments.

West Point Grey offers a fine expanse of semi-waterfront real estate opportunities and numerous luxury ocean view homes. Its location, bordering English Bay and sloping upwards towards Dunbar.

There are numerous single family homes can take advantage of view of the ocean, North Shore mountains and even downtown Vancouver. High rise condo developments are not common, but low rise penthouse options are available in the area.

The neighborhoods in close proximity to West Point Grey are also on the map when it comes to luxury real estate in Vancouver. Just south of West Point Grey lies the neighborhood of Dunbar which features many ocean view homes in the Arts & Crafts style.

South of Dunbar, luxury home buyers will be enchanted to find the Southlands, a pleasantly unexpected little bit of country in the city. Mostly low-lying and bordering the mouth of the Fraser River, this area features luxury estates and homes and a decidedly country feel satisfying the equestrian pursuits of wealthy city-folk. Imposing luxury estates and mansions line Southwest Marine Drive as it curves southward towards Richmond, looking south over the ocean towards Vancouver Island.

With ocean front real estate and convenient access to some of Western Canadas most prestigious institutions, it is no wonder that luxury real estate buyers in British Columbia are attracted to the West Point Grey area.

Reversionary Property Investment

When it comes to building a diversified property portfolio, many investors consider a reversionary property investment. Especially beneficial for the medium and long-term, a reversionary property is a good option as it offers a host of advantages. The fact that its unheard of for property prices to decline 50% below their current value makes investing in a reversionary property worth considering.

What is a reversionary property investment?

A reversionary property offers potentially high returns. Reversionary property investing refers to the process where an investor purchases the reversionary interest in another persons property, typically their home. This means they are purchasing the rights to own the property upon the death of the owner or when he vacates. In short, the property reverts to the buyer.

Types of reversionary properties

There are two types of reversionary properties: tenanted and untenanted. Tenanted is when the homeowner stays in the premises while untenanted is when the seller isnt residing in the house. In the second type, the buyer can choose to rent out the property.

How do you obtain a reversionary property?

In a reversionary property investment, you simply buy a residential property from a homeowner at a significantly discounted price usually around 50% of its value, depending on the sellers age and the propertys location and features. Payment can either be made through cash lump sum or in monthly instalments or a combination of both. When payment has been handed over, the homeowner continues to reside in the property as a rent-free tenant with full legal rights to stay in the house.

As long as he continues to stay in the house, he will be responsible for the general maintenance of the property, the utility bills, building insurance premiums and capital tax. Basically, reversion investments are a bet on the life expectancy of the homeowner. Meanwhile, the buyer of the property pays the monthly reversionary annuities until the death of the homeowner. When the homeowner dies or when he decides to leave, the propertys ownership reverts to the buyer.

Who benefits from a reversionary property investment?

Both the homeowner and the buyer benefit from a reversionary property. The homeowner-seller receives additional income in the form of a cash lump sum or monthly payments which could significantly supplement his pension. The setup will also provide him a lease that will endure until he passes away and he is freed from the responsibility of shelling out big payments such as land tax. In addition, he doesnt have to put up with the usual anxiety associated with selling his own property or moving out, allowing him a stable and secure state of mind.

For the buyer, the reversionary property presents an excellent opportunity for him to acquire a property at a huge discount. Most of these reversionary properties are apartments, studio flats, villas and commercial buildings situated in prime spots thus making them well-suited for buy to lets.

A reversionary property investment is certainly one of the least bothersome ways for any property investor to invest.

Unusual Ways To Use Postcards In Your Mortgage Business

Postcards can be more than an inexpensive way to “stay in touch” with your mortgage customers and prospects. This tiny billboard is actually a powerhouse of a marketing tool with almost unlimited uses.

Traditionally, we use postcards in our mortgage business to pass along holiday greetings, reminders, and general information that helps keep your name in front of your customers and prospects.

Let’s think outside of the box, harness this little dynamo, and you’ll find a surge of new mortgage marketing opportunities.

Here are a few unusual ways you can use postcards in your mortgage business:

1. Use them as hand-outs: You can use postcards as a hand-out at seminars, meetings, or networking events. Consider it your over-size business card with lots of room to promote your mortgage services and company.

2. Use them as coupons: You can use postcards to entice a visit to your office location. When customers come in to your office, they can bring the postcard offer with them to receive a discount or reduction in appraisal fees or whatever.

3. Use them as reminders: You can use postcards as a reminder to your customers that it’s time to come in for their free annual mortgage check-up. This is a great opportunity to review details about their mortgage they probably have forgotten. This is your chance to be their hero.

4. Use them for free offers: You can use postcards to offer free reports and information if your prospect contacts you. It may be mortgage market information and changes, or it may be a free report about refinancing, home improvement, or credit.

5. Use them as invitations: You can use postcards as an invitation to your seminar, your office open house, your presentation about a new mortgage service/loan program, or to point them in the direction of your website.

6. Use them for feedback: You can use postcards as a quick survey of your mortgage services. Your recipients can check a couple of boxes and fax them back to you. It’s likely you’ll get a good response with such an easy-to-complete format.

7. Use them as a referral tool: Offer all of your customers an incentive for referring new leads and business. Be careful about your offer as not to violate RESPA guidelines. A general statement that “you never forget the source of your mortgage leads” may be all you need. Just letting people know that referrals are an important part of your mortgage business can sometimes generate immediate referrals.

8. Use them to gather and then publish customer testimonials: You can use postcards to solicit testimonials from your existing mortgage customers. Then, publish excerpts from your good testimonials and distribute them via postcards to your mortgage prospects. Testimonials can be a powerful sales tool and are very much under-utilized by mortgage professionals. You can use postcards to make it happen.

9. Use them as a newsletter: You can use postcards as a mini-newsletter. We all know that a mortgage newsletter delivered over a period of time is a great marketing tool. Unfortunately, most of us don’t invest the time and money to generate a good newsletter. The mini-newsletter in postcard form is the answer. It’s short, sweet, and inexpensive to put together. What’s more important, you are providing valuable information to your customers/prospects using your name and company.

So, the next time you look at using postcards in your mortgage business, think outside of the box and you’ll find that by doing so, your mortgage pipeline will also improve.